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Organic with Costa
In Bulgaria there is a high level of urbanization. Almost every youngster goes in the big cities and the villages are full of old people who have to take care for big houses. But they don’t have the ability to do that. The young people that have chosen to stay in the small village are likely to be unemployed.
The idea is to establish a firm and buy or rent some tractors so that those youngsters can cultivate the old people’s houses as farms. The production in those kind of areas is really healthy and in common with nature. So Costa is going to open a bio shop and sell the natural production from the small farms.
Indicative budget:100 000€
Indicative timeframe:3 years (01.2018-01.2021)
Expected results:Unemployed youngsters from the small villages will help old people and earn money. Organic food is going to be put on the market.