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A month without alcohol
Alcohol free week is an intention while we could organize different kinds of roadshows, especially talkshows with people who had an accident while under the effects of alcohol (drivers, victims), and medic officers, police officers, toxicologist, just to compare the negative effects of alcohol from different points of view. Interactive games (simulating drunk driving), like playing a racing game on xbox while wearing a drunk goggles. To show them in safe conditions how it really is to drink and drive.All of this to show them the weight of the irresponsible behaviour
Indicative budget:3500€ -> total 500€ -> billboard 500€ -> advertisement 1500€ -> equipments 1000€ -> For programmes
Indicative timeframe:01/06/2017 - 01/07/2017
Expected results:Less car accidents. More responsible drivers and safer transportation.