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Helping disabled people in Oradea
In Oradea (around 200000 inhabitants) there are disabled people, using wheelchair, living In flats that do not have specific access to permit them to enter into their own flat, always needing the help of somebody to do this process.(specially focusing on people who live in flat with 4 levels, without an elevator). The idea would be, though EU money and private sponsorship to establish accesses for these people so they would manage on their own. On further level, we would also purchase a special car, with a social worker who would assist these people (based on a reservation)to medical analyses, shopping etc. Another important step would be to establish these accesses in every public institution that does not have this until this moment: majors hall, schools, finances, post offices.
The entrepreneurship will consist in giving new jobs for social workers that are underpaid in Romania.
Indicative budget:500 Euro running costs per month.
Indicative timeframe:The first social worker could start in the end of this year.
Expected results:Disabled people using wheelchairs would manage on their own throughout the whole city.