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.Healthy food from local producers
This would be a system that would promote the products made by local producers, favoring them in the unfair race established by multinational companies. This idea would be good not only for the producers (products,crafts that are about to disappear could be saved, youngsters could take over their parents job)but for the consumers also, because they could see and visit the producing phases of that certain product, in order that they understand better what does it mean to eat healthy food: bread, cheese, honey, vegetables, fruits, strong spirits, wines. We would get all these producers in connection, through a web page and organize weekly markets only with these products.
Indicative budget:1000 Euro starting budget to start the first few markets and the website.
Indicative timeframe:We could start from next year and do the markets weekly
Expected results:Old crafts could be saved, new jobs will appear by the certain fact that a producer is surely capable of selling his product.