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Youth community house
We would like to establish a community house in the commune of Viisoara, where the population is around 1000 inhabitants and the percentage of youth (7-24 years)is around 15-20%. The objective of this house would be to organize regular events for locals(and for the locals from the villages belonging to Viisoara), that would motivate the youngsters to stay in the village and on long term to attract young families.
We would collaborate with the local authorities( school, kindergarten,Mayor office, police station), churches ( 4 different confessions) and families in order that everybody would understand our goals.
Events: sport contest, festivity evenings, learning/teaching clubs, after school programs, board game evenings, tree or flower planting days, village cleaning activities, flash-mobs, Christmas / Easter /new years eve celebrations /events.
Indicative budget:300 Euro /month+ further costs of future or temporary employees
Indicative timeframe:It could start from next year.(2018)
Expected results:An active youth life in the rural area, making sure the youth will develop properly, every one of them being capable to identify their own talent.