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Social help for emigrant`s children
In Romania there are a lot of families that brake up because one of the members go to work abroad. This is leading to no good, and children are the ones who suffer the most because they usually are left behind, to be raised by the grandparents who can not keep up with them . We would like to take care of them through a social care project with after school activities, attracting their attention, in order so that they do not mess up their own life. Funds will be assured by the families members that are working abroad, and volunteers and specially trained social workers will make sure that the work will be done properly. The project this way will provide new jobs for social workers. The sustainability of entrepreneurship will be assured by the financial background of the happy family members who will be much more relaxed abroad, knowing that their children are safe, in school, progressing.
Indicative budget:200 Euro/Children/month.
Indicative timeframe:Starting from 2018 without a fixed ending date.
Expected results:Families will not fall apart, children will not leave school, will not do illegal businesses, getting a proper education, with a tutor who always makes sure the child is on the right path.