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Being the young women one of the most vulnerable sectors jobwise, we want to give them free workshops of sublimations of t-shirts. The idea is to sell the products by Facebook in order to sustain the start up.
Our objective is to train young women so that they could have new job opportunities.
At the same time, designers will be contracted to create handcrafts to sublime, earning a percentage for each selling.
Indicative budget:5000€: 1500 for renting a place for the three months, 1300 for a stamping machine, 300 for stamping material, 500 for one hundred plain t-shirts, 500 for leaflets, 500 for social media; 400 for unexpected costs
Indicative timeframe:8.2017 - 8.2018
Expected results:Our idea is to reach in a direct way at least 20 people per workshop and to make at least 15 of them. In an indirect way, the idea is to reach 500 people through leaflets and 15000 through social media and 50000 through conventional media.