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Cooking workshop
As learning how to cook is useful not only to eat better but also to sell food, we want to make a workshop for NEETS, in which they can learn cooking skills and then sell the food. 50% of the money earned will be used to sustain the workshop, and the other 50% will be for the new cookers. This will let them be able to have a new ability to get a formal job, earning decent incomes.
After a while, the idea is that some of the can also become trainers of the project.
Indicative budget:Cooking materials: 200 Eu Teachers: 5200 Eu Raw material: 3665 Eu Social media 500Euros
Indicative timeframe:Time for implementing the project: From 15/2/18 to 28/02/18: publication of the workshop 1/3/18 The workshop starts 30/6/18 the workshop ends
Expected results:we attempt to reach, at least 20 people per workshop and make 2 workshops at the beginning, so that we could save money to sustain more of them. In an indirect way, the idea is to reach 700 people through leaflets, 20000 through social media and 50000 through conventional media during two years.