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Fixing Bikes
As bicycles are one of the main means of transport among youngsters, and regarding the fact that they are not always in its best conditions (which would make bicycles insecure) , we want to make a workshop for them to learn how to fix bicycles and be able to have the skills to get a job. Firstly, they would work with trainers fixing other people’s bicycles, having their first job experience and saving money in order to sustain the workshop; and then they would fix bicycles, creating their own incomes.
Additionally courses would be given to people who just want to learn how to fix their own bikes and can afford to pay a course. Also, in the course we would teach the basics measurements on road safety while boosting sustainable mobility.
Indicative budget:4000€: 1500 for renting a place,1000 for tools, 500 for road safety materials, 500 for social media, 250 for leaflets, and 250 for unexpected costs.
Indicative timeframe:03.2017 - 09.2018 (six months)
Expected results:Our idea is to reach in a direct way at least 20 people per workshop and to make at least six of them. In an indirect way, the idea is to reach 500 people through leaflets and 15000 through social media and 50000 through conventional media.