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First aid training in secondary schools
My idea is an old dream of mine: organizing first aid training in secondary schools. Among the wide variation of important first aid lessons I would focus on the most important thing: the lifesaving reanimation because it is urgent to increase the knowledge of reanimation among the public in general.
The strategy consists in the teaching of reanimation techniques in schools following the recommendations made by specialized institutions. The target group should be 15-18 years old pupils because this age-group is very impulsive and receptive. I plan to organize this social entrepreneurship with the help of volunteers under the control of a medical expert.
The main goal of this initiative is reach 300 youngsters in schools during a week.
Indicative budget:Firstly for free, after some experience we would ask for the 1st aid course, aprox 20 Euro per participant. Office running cost 200 euro/month
Indicative timeframe:We could start from next year(2018)
Expected results:Children and people will get more responsible and better prepared for a difficult situation when somebody gets ill, or meets an accident site.