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Travelling guide application
The idea is a free guide application for tourists to be made. The attraction part is that that guide will contain strories and myths about the certain places of interest. There will be a proposal for youngsters, who cope with the social media and smarthphones, to upload this type of
interesting information by talking to elderly people, for example, in villages. That will be a paid activity in order to support young people. However the incomes will be from adds shown by the platform, which is supposed to attract lots of users.
Indicative budget:20000€ :15000€ for maintanance; 1000€ starting budget for the stories; 3000€ for translation; 1000 for advertising among young people
Indicative timeframe:01.01.2018 - 01.01.2019
Expected results:To attract as much young people as possible; to fill in all the needed information for the sights in the certain contry