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Free lunch app
Mobile apps are very useful and easy to work with. This app can help new local restaurants popularize their food as submitting free samples (the portions that have remained) on the app. Each delivery is going to come with a brochure full of details. That way, you can learn about the restaurant and visit it if you enjoyed the food.
It can start from one city and than it can grow and be practiced in other cities and countries
The profit is going to come from the app (there will be online advertisements), the restaurants are also going to pay for my advertising services.
Indicative budget:1300€ for a programmer (for 6 months 6x1300€=7800€) 55€ for registering the firm 5000€ every month for salaries for the staff (10 youngsters x 500€) 5000€ for advertising: 300€ for leaflets 1000€ for TV media advertising 3700€ for online promotion
Indicative timeframe:10.2017 - 10.2018 (1 year)
Expected results:This app can not only help you get a free meal, but it also helps other small businesses. It can reduce throwing away the superfluous food.
The target is to help working people have lunch rather than eating fast food and provide vacancies for youngsters.