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Cool and fashionable reflective vests.
By law, when you ride a motorcycle or a bike you must use a reflective vest so as to prevent accidents. Most of them occur in the very first hours of the morning or at night, in routes or highways. However, not many people use it because, according to them, it is not fashion and/or annoying.
In order to foment its use, young entrepreneurs from 18 to 35 years old will create a workshop to intervene regular vests to make them “cool and fashionable”, selling them 15 EUR each.
These vests will be put for sale on the internet to minimize sale´s costs and because is a shopping alternative used by youngsters nowadays.
Indicative budget:4800 EUR. 400 EUR in vests. 1500 EUR in painting, 200 EUR in social media ads, 1500 EUR in production and sublimation equipment, 500 EUR in design of the vests and 700 EUR in physical space.
Indicative timeframe:1/01/2018 – 1/01/2019.
Expected results:50 Cyclists and motorcyclists will start using them in a year (complying with the law) and hopefully producing less road incidents.