Project partners

Asociatia Klebelsberg Kuno (Romania – project leader)

The Klebelsberg Kuno Economy College (Asociatia Klebelsberg Kuno) was founded in 2009.

The main goals of the College are to expand the professional knowledge of those who study in universities and thus developing a group opened to social and economic problems of our surroundings, a group which moving on from the university desks into the labour market will already have an advantage because of the pre acquired skills and competences. In order to achieve this, we constantly organize professional trainings in tourism, professional camps and we provide meeting options for our members with successful businessmen working in tourism and similar fields.

The economy college is based on three central pillars:


    The base of an economy college is professional life, whose most important elements are the courses, discourses, workshop camps, organized conferences, the professionals and financial assistance of the individual research. The courses are oriented to the students’ personal needs, because the themes of these courses are selected by the students. They decide what field, theme or question they are concerned with; according to this, besides the specialty discourses, different skill developing programs can be found.


    The community of the Economy College is refined by the different professional and spare-time meetings, and this way the college will become a whole, which can determine the whole life of a student. The strong community connections are very important, because without this, attending to the active professional activity, the organization of common professional programs would be impossible. For that very reason we organize not just professional but also communalistic activities.


    We put emphasis on the orientation of the accurate political, juristic and social situations. It is very important to be well informed, to be in order with the happenings in the world, to understand these, to analyse and to draw logic, rational conclusions. For this we organize debate nights, single discourses with the inclusion of specialists.

Narodno Chitalishte “Svetal Den-2009” (Bulgaria)

Narodno Chitalishte “Svetal Den-2009” is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization, established in 2009. The main objectives of the organization are:

  • Development and enrichment of cultural life in the town of Vidin;
  • Maintenance and development of folk customs and traditions;
  • Creating conditions for the development and expression of the abilities of the younger generation;
  • Education in the spirit of patriotism, democracy and universal morality.

The organization’s community centre has the following resources: 9 people personnel, 227 traditional dancers, 22 volunteers.

Our team has experience in organizing trainings, information dissemination, testing and introduction of new forms of activity, adapting our organization to the ever-changing social environment. This has helped us gain experience in working with different target groups. The implementation of a number of initiatives helped us acquire experience in the projects development and management as well as fundraising for the performed activities.

Narodno Chitalishte “Svetal Den-2009” has implemented many initiatives aimed at young people. They are targeted by the major part of our activities.

arodno Chitalishte “Svetal Den-2009” also provides extensive support to young social entrepreneurs in the town of Vidin. Currently there are guitar, arts, design and English classes, delivered by active young people to children outside our main activities. Our organization supports them organizationally and by securing access to our premises.

MiNU Asociacion Civil (Argentina)

MiNU Asociacion Civil is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to the development of programs that promote the inclusion and participation of youth in the society. The purpose of our organization is to create a place for developing and carrying out programs and educational projects aimed to promote mutual respect, democracy, diversity and a critical vision of the reality, as well as to provide advice in participative and innovative methodologies to other organizations, and to contribute to the development of public policies that include the active participation of the youth in the society.

Our work areas are:

Educational Programs (Model United Nations, Add your voice to road safety, Model of the Argentinian Congress, Linking realities in the classroom, Put music to your rights!, Stories to agree) Development and Advising in participative methodologies of debate. Technical Assistance and consulting on youth public policies. Organize the Conference for Innovation on Road Safety

MINU, founded in 2003, is a member of several NGOs networks including: Advisory Committee of the Argentinian National Agency of Road Safety, Argentine Network for International Cooperation, Federal Platform of Argentinean Youth.

Our staff is composed of young students and professionals.

RYD Wallonie – Bruxelles (Belgium)

The social goal of the RYD Wallonie - Bruxelles asbl is to promote road safety in young drivers" mind in the capital city Brussels and the southern part of Belgium. The volunteers want to heighten young drivers of the importance of the responsible behaviour on our roads. RYD organizes all year long several actions around the theme road safety. Those actions are taken in charge by our active volunteers aged 18–29 years to sensitize other youngsters about taking their responsibilities. To be efficient and being able to reach this target, RYD uses several impressive or convincing tools during their activities such as the breathalyzer or the drug tests, the AlcoVision goggles (simulating the effects of alcohol and drugs on the vision), and the Safetypack (which offers to school students the opportunity to learn more about road safety in 2 hours)…

The particularity of the Responsible Young Drivers is to create a single work done by "young people who want to convince other young people about the importance of a responsible citizenship on European roads".

RYD is managed 2 paid staff members and has a network of volunteers, youngsters who set an example to other youngsters. The dialogue between youngsters is the major asset of the Responsible Young Drivers. The use of a usual language and the friendliness of the exchanges enable the message to be conveyed further and so it is surely more persuasive. We do neither use a repressive or an elevating approach, nor a "fatherly-motherly" tone, there are attitudes that young people refuse.

Debrecen Youth House (Hungary)

The Youth House is a colourful living community space, which is situating in the downtown of Debrecen and opened in 2011. The House offers cultural and leisure time activities, programmes and different services to the Youth. Among the youth the building is famous and well-known. The building is 2500m2 where you can find different organizations, NGOs: Youth Government of Debrecen, ’NODE’ Drug Prevention and Information Office, Info-point Youth work Office, Civic Information Centre and the School of Rock.

The Youth House was created by a real need, that „ such a huge city like Debrecen has to have a Youth Service House”, which comes from the local government, youth experts, youth organizations and youth leaders. An old inhabitant school was renovated under a city rehabilitation construction, which seemed to fill up the need and become the Youth House of Debrecen. The house is located in the heart of the downtown, it is a 5 minutes walk from the main square.

The main aim of the House is to offer useful spare time activities, services, counsellors and specialists, community space for the youngsters where they can learn and have fun, can meet with their peers or friends. From the beginning of the operation, the House would like to reach the widest target group from the children till the young adults and also involving the families too.

Shanghai Jin Sheng Creative Service (China)

Shanghai Jin Sheng Creative Service Company (JS) is a social enterprise dedicated to solving social issues through creative tactics leveraging multi-sectors’ advantages. The JS team is composed from professionals on corporate social responsibility, NGOs, international networking and social marketing. We have a wide range of experience on working closing with youth on safety project, team-building project and creative-design projects. The company had consultants who had worked on European youth projects (such as ACCORD and IMPACT). JS has built good relationship with the Shanghai Youth Colleague, which closely works with the Shanghai Municipal Youth League. The platform is open to all young people in Shanghai, especially when related to social entrepreneurship. In JS we believe in the power of youth and our capacity to run high quality projects with great impact.