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User Full name Country Likes Title  
ezedebella1 Ezequiel De Bella Argentina 22 Unique wardrobe Read more
IsabelD Isabel Deflem Belgium 22 Easy drug-testing machine Read more
ienyedi Imre Enyedi Hungary 22 BRANCS Read more
JasperB Jasper Berkein Belgium 21 Speed indicator Read more
huyuexiang Hu Yuexiang China 21 Community elderly pull box Read more
DavidL Lajter David Zsolt Hungary 21 Walk for raising awareness Read more
ukiyang yangjialin China 20 Reading cafe Read more
marcik Kanyó Márton Hungary 19 A month without alcohol Read more
bkeseru Keserű Balázs Hungary 18 Renovation of public places Read more
hughjiang Rong Jiang China 17 App for students to study abroad Read more
janosna Nagy János Hungary 17 Application for the cyclists Read more
milenvd Milen Vasilev Bulgaria 15 Travelling guide application Read more